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Microwaves are so tiny, and constant, that if we can learn to measure it, we will be able to make clocks that are accurate to .000000000000001, or one-quadrillionth of a second!  The problem about time travel is that the faster you can travel the further distance you arrive at from your targeted planet.  This is why I pursue the theory for instantaneous space travel as the fastest a ship might travel any time in the far off future the capacity of propulsion rather than the speed of light. Time measured by a clock cannot represent the motion of a planet like earth that its function is in variable with one the depth of the sun star that it is attracted too and two its elliptical path measuring the planets weight and velocity and third the planet rotation itself. All three of these must be taken into consideration because they are all connected as a singularity system.

To target earth with a ship traveling at light speed and to think you can travel into its motional past isn’t logical if the earth is connected to the attraction of its dominion star its sun and the résistance of its orbitration around it. The two numeral equations will not work when there exist three or four sums of action. A planet does not slow down just because a ship outside its equation field is traveling at light speed. There’s no connection between the two. The drag the sun retains with the earth is stronger adding the earth’s resistance to be pulled into its realm. The universe acts as a resistor factor when its orbitrates at the speed light helping planets stay pulled away from dominion stars like our sun.

How does traveling at light velocity change the course of a disconnected planet like earth it doesn’t the action is parallel as the earth in itself rotates and orbits the sun and the ship travels the distance of light speed.  In the earlier chapter I mentioned how a ship would have to take on the drag of the planets orbital rotation to cause it to rotate backwards but even so – how does this change the arrow of time our universe acts as a director too? See what I mean?

In 1915, Albert Einstein first proposed his theory of special relativity.  Essentially, his theory proposes the universe we live in includes 4 dimensions, the first three being what we know as space, and the fourth being space-time, which is a dimension where time and space are inextricably linked.  According to Einstein, two people observing the same event in the same way could perceive the singular event occurring at two different times, depending upon their distance from the event in question.  These types of differences arise from the time it takes for light to travel through space.  Since light does travel at a finite and ever-constant speed, an observer from a more distant point will perceive an event as occurring later in time; however, the event is “actually” occurring at the same instant in time.  Thus, “time” is dependent on space.   Gravitational Time

An important aspect of Einstein’s theory of relativity to note is that he proposed matter causes space to curve.  If we pretend that “space” is a two-dimensional sheet, a planet place on this “sheet” would cause it to curve.  This curvature of space results in what we perceive as gravity.  Smaller objects are attracted to larger ones because they “roll” through the curved space towards the most massive objects, this idea is opposed when we look at the probability that everything arrived from the same entity or the big bang and there y makes everything similar matter thus repels as positive energy repels like poles. The fact is that larger object celestials will attract smaller celestials but only to a specific point of origin nearby it which causes the greatest degree of curvature.  Under normal circumstances, the effect of space curvature is impossible to observe.  However, in the presence of the extremes of our universe (such as black holes, where a huge amount of matter is compressed into an extremely small volume), this effect becomes very obvious

A second aspect to the gravitational time postulate is that the faster an object is moving, the slower time progresses for that object in relation to a stationary observer.  While in everyday circumstances, this effect goes entirely unnoticed, it has proven to be true.  An atomic clock placed on a jet airplane was shown to “tick” more slowly than an atomic clock at rest.  However, even with the speeds achieved by a jet aircraft, the time effect was minimal.  A more solid example can be seen through an experiment performed on the International Space Station (ISS).  After the first 6 months in space, the crew of the ISS aged .007 seconds less than the rest of us on earth (the relatively stationary observers) but when you look at the advancement and lack gravitational attachment as the earth observers the strain on the physical body is much less as well.  It is true that atomic clocks preform differently in space than on earth but again the lack of gravity is present. Based time travel theory in relativity observes the planet actually slowing down at great velocities but a planet is part of a infinite universe all connected together into a divine mechanism of planets, stars and galaxies that act in occurrence with the universe as a whole. To think a single planet in such a connecting network of stars will actually slow down because of the high pursuit of a ships velocity is strangely unrealistic.   The station moves at approximately 18,000 miles per hour in empty zero point space much faster than the range of normal human speeds.  Even with such speeds, however, time is minimal unless you approach speeds close to the speed of light (300,000 km/sec.).

The changes Einstein ushered in with his radical theories of relativity resulted in the now ubiquitous E=mc2 equation, which essentially states that matter and energy are interchangeable (this discovery eventually led to the creation of the first nuclear fission bomb).  However, Einstein’s equations also predicted the presence of black holes and gravitational waves, and were initially excused as inconsequential aberrations; there is now substantial evidence to support the existence of black holes.

You are in an elevator that is at rest relative to the earth’s gravitational field. The gravitational force on your body, called your weight, pushes you down onto the floor of the elevator. However, because you are neither going through the floor nor being thrown into the air it follows that the floor must be pushing up on you with exactly the same force. You experience this reaction force as your weight.  In an elevator the most striking thing is that you have become weightless. Because of the equivalence of inertial and gravitational mass all objects fall freely with the same acceleration

In space travel though Time dilation does not occur because the universe is the controlling element and the spacecraft is independently driven.  Clocks run more slowly in the presence of gravity because they are superseded by the energy content of the planet as gravity field. In space zero point energy is presented and changes the equation of the source of the gravity.

When we review the aspects about gravity we have two resources. First the planetary activity between the planets energy and elements of matter and secondly space where the realm of energy does not exist at all.

Space gravitation also called Celestial Gravity is the action between the planets in a specific system of stars or solar system. Like energy repel whereas negative and positive poles attract each one another. This is a fact of physics which both Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein did not precede too. Einstein’s attraction state of the planets arrived from the idea that dominion stars like the sun create a dominion warpage of the space around that causes nearby planets to it to fall or roll towards this is not a state of space gravitation. In turn the universe spins according to relativity at the speed of light and causes everything in it pull towards its outer rim. This balances the immediate position of the planets system motion occurs when they roll resisting the pull or attraction of the free fall towards the dominion star or sun.

Independent planet gravity occurs due to enclosed system of the planet and its atmosphere. Arising elements fill the atmosphere creating a weight content for movable surface activity on its surface. Since like poles repel – on earth the energy between let’s say a human body’s movement or strike for motion is weighed down by the physical elements it is made of and the energy within those elements. Matter weighs down the object whereas the push of gravity allows for a specific amount of pushing force. This pushing takes twice the energy-weight of the human body to be set in motion.

The material chemistry of the human matter differs from the energy content of the body which generates the energy the body uses to push with.  Earth is a closed system therefore the action within its atmosphere is independent with the mass of the planet and differs from the realm of open space.

Until the time of Einstein, mass and energy were two separate things. In the special theory of relativity Einstein demonstrated that neither mass nor energy were conserved separately, but that they could be traded one for the other and only the total “mass-energy” was conserved. The relationship between the mass and the energy is contained in what is probably the most famous equation in science,

where m is the mass, c is the speed of light, and E is the energy equivalent of the mass.

Because the speed of light squared is a very large number when expressed in appropriate units, a small amount of mass corresponds to a huge amount of energy. Thus, the conversion of mass to energy could account for the enormous energy output but it is necessary to find a physical mechanism by which that can take place.

Einstein himself originally thought that it might be impossible to find a physical process that could realize the potentiality embedded in his equation and convert mass to energy in usable quantities. In the nuclear age, we now know that he was too pessimistic; there are several physical processes that can accomplish this.

The Theory of Relativity  and Distinction

The theory of relativity, revealed by Albert Einstein, is separated into two distinct theories: general relativity and special relativity. These two theories are based on the Principle of relativity; this principal states that, whatever referential you occupy, the laws of physics will never change? For example, if you are in a train that passes through a train station, whatever you will do in your referential (the train), an observer on the platform in the station doing the same thing you are doing will obtain the same results in his referential (the platform).


Each of both theories of relativity have different consequences, the theory of special relativity is based on the fact that light travels at the same speed (in a void) for every observer. This can seem obvious but the use of this fact in certain situations (notably high speed experiments) gave Einstein many headaches. Special relativity explain phenomena such as time dilation (explained in further articles), the relativity of simultaneity (explained in the video below), and the famous equation E = mc². E being energy in joules, m the mass in kilograms and c the speed of light in meters per second Energy is therefore equal to mass time the speed of light squared. This equation shows that mass and energy are proportional (since the speed of light is a constant).

But we can also use this equation to explain one of the basic facts in physics: we know that the mass of an object increases when its kinetic energy does too. Movement therefore increases the weight of objects so the faster an object goes, the heavier it gets. This phenomenon is almost inexistent at speeds far from the speed of light but it becomes more and more noticeable as we get close to the speed of light. An object going at 90% of the speed of light will see its mass double, and an object going at the speed of light (if it initially had mass unlike photons and other particles) should technically have an infinite mass. This is where the energy-mass relation becomes useful, the proportionality shows that to reach this state of infinite mass, you would need infinite energy. The space in the universe itself does not contain any abnormal amount of energy, it is therefore possible for an object with mass to reach the speed of light or exceed it.

Einstein’s General relativity, on the other hand, is the use of special relativity on Newton’s laws of gravity. (The fact that general relativity and special relativity are applied in theory based on a planetary gravity force and essentially the curving of interstellar planetary systems open space is a vacuum by which energy or energy-mass are not affected by thus the light constant speed limit does not apply). The greatest contribution of this theory to the way of picturing gravity is the idea of space-time continuum. Isaac Newton saw gravity as the simple attraction between two objects which have mass, but Einstein saw it differently: according to him, the mass of any object would affect space and time around it. He explained this effect with the unification of all four dimensions: space-time. Space-time is often represented as a two-dimensional grid in space in which objects having a mass “sink”, creating a sort of depression around it on the grid, objects with an inferior mass could then “fall” into the depression or be deviated by it. Of course, this is just a graphic representation of the effects of gravity on space-time, to understand it fully, you must remember that the grid is actually not two-dimensional but four-dimensional, which means that all the special dimensions are “bent” by mass, and most importantly that time changes in the depression. General relativity changed the Newtonian way of seeing gravity, it  shows that objects that do not have mass can affect and be affected by the curves in space-time (such as light and that gravity is equal to acceleration mathematically.

Subatomic particles are routinely pushed to nearly the speed of light. The momenta of such particles may be thousands of times more than the Newton expression mv predicts. One way to look at the momentum of a high-speed particle is in terms of the “stiffness “of its trajectory. The more momentum it has, the harder it is to deflect it—the “stiffer” is its trajectory. If it has a lot of momentum, it more greatly resists changing course. This can be seen when a beam of electrons is directed into a magnetic field. Charged particles moving in a magnetic field experience a force that deflects them from their normal paths. For a particle with a small momentum, the path curves sharply. For a particle with a large momentum, the path curves only a little—its trajectory is “stiffer.” Even though one particle may be moving only a little faster than another one—say 99.9% of the speed of light instead of 99% of the speed of light—its momentum will be considerably greater and it will follow a straighter path in the magnetic field. The Theory of Relativity has been projected through source energy trajectory without evidence to traveling through empty space that possibilities have been ignored until now.

Einstein’s Imaginary Ship made of light ‘Quanta” Interpretation

The imagination Albert Einstein invented to the world in relativity the imagination of his ideas and formulas that include the equations in modern physics and space travel.

Faster-than-light travel

Scientists and authors have postulated a number of ways by which it might be possible to surpass the speed of light. Even the most serious-minded of these are speculative.

According to Einstein’s equation of general relativity, space-time is curved:

G_{\mu\nu}=8\pi\,GT_{\mu\nu} \,

      General relativity may permit the travel of an object faster than light in curved space-time. One could imagine exploiting the curvature to take a “shortcut” from one point to another. This is one form of the warp drive concept.

In physics, the Alcubierre drive is based on an argument that the curvature could take the form of a wave in which a spaceship might be carried in a “bubble”. Space would be collapsing at one end of the bubble and expanding at the other end. The motion of the wave would carry a spaceship from one space point to another in less time than light would take through unwarped space. Nevertheless, the spaceship would not be moving faster than light within the bubble. This concept would require the spaceship to incorporate a region of exotic matter, or “negative mass”.

Wormholes are conjectural distortions in space-time that theorists postulate could connect two arbitrary points in the universe, across an Einstein–Rosen Bridge. It is not known whether wormholes are possible in practice. Although there are solutions to the Einstein equation of general relativity which allow for wormholes, all of the currently known solutions involve some assumption, for example the existence of negative mass, which may be unphysical. However, Cramer et al. argue that such wormholes might have been created in the early universe, stabilized by cosmic string.

First and foremost part when we review the literature of Albert Einstein he asserts one specific formula in his ideas about space which include ‘his imagination”.  One of his famous quotes includes the statement “Imagine you were traveling in a spacecraft and that spacecraft was a beam of light”.  When we relook at this quote in his theories
of both general relativity and special relativity they bring up the conclusion that his whole ideas and baselines for relativity could be based on what “Imagination”. Sure, we have yet achieved the mechanics to build a spacecraft that can over exceed the light barrier if a light barrier exists at all. But foremost, I wish to explain the concepts of Einstein’s ideas about space and space travel within the confines of ‘his imagination”.

What am I talking about when I speak about his theories using his imagination?

In the paraphrase I mentioned about space travel that also include all his concepts about space the most important facts rely on the fact for everything he speaks about  that in reality is a ‘material’ fact it is not a ‘light’ imagination fact as he explains it is. Space and space flight aviation are a real aspect that continues and will continue to taunt our worlds future the question of whether faster than light space travel is possible or rather it is a dead end street are important amateur questions that we should retain answers too. This is the reason for the collection of my books on faster than light species space travel.

The mainstream of Einstein’s work on relativity explains a pattern of events and circumstances that “light” stands as the basis for his theories. The fact is we are not trying to send a ship made of some imaginary light beam into space to travel the distance we refer that what we are sending is materially real.

The ideas of Albert Einstein’s work is astonishing when you read it – but the facts he implies about mass objects and light beams used to explain his theories are separate entities and not singular. The idea whether a spacecraft can travel to light speed does not depend on the fact of a light more so it relies on the fact of whether or not a spacecraft launched has the capability propulsion wise to achieve that velocity. Because a light or light beam retains a specific speed limit is dependent on that fact that Einstein is actually talking about ‘light’ itself and not the object or spacecraft that is being launched.

Let’s try and take the ‘light constant’ out of the equation we will use m=pv (mass equals propulsion velocity or value of which I speak continuously about in my collection of books).   We replace ‘p’ for ‘e’ and we form an equation based on our propulsion ability rather than ‘c’ components for the speed of light. Sure light velocity exists but it is an individual velocity for a ‘quantum particle’ independent to itself.  We examine the idea about traveling through space on the value of the ship’s propulsion velocity that may or may not be faster than light but the fact that space is a vacuum jump speeds are space vessel into the ability to travel much faster than the speed of light under those circumstances. Why because the highway through the cosmos is maneuvered between the mid-field darkness between the stars and the planets throughout space. This field of space retains a zero point energy deity of empty space which planets and stars retain specific distances from and to each other based on their world energy.  Furthermore in my books you will understand more about it is not the specific area of warp space that a world obtains its spin but that it is the universal spin that engages the orbital rotations.

Our ship has a clear distance between the stars. Its capacity to travel at the speed of light without the interference of a positively present gravity field does not exist as on earth. Einstein makes his formulas quite clear that his light speed formula is retained within the gravity force activity. The speed he proposes about light is always and will always be 186,000 m/s this will never change why because its ‘light’ he’s talking about not actual space travel of a material spacecraft.

Using the formula and equation ( – gᶥ ) is our equation for the vacuum of space.( a pure vacuum of space based on g-forces relative to earth’s might recede to a barrier of ( – g¹ºº)  Again we are not speaking about space or space curvature that may or may not cause a planetary spin and we are not talking about the depression it may cause. We are talking free open space vacuum atmosphere an area of space that is mostly empty but retains a realm of darkness. We are not talking about the fabric of space as Einstein calls it that our planetary deities lay and position themselves on No – just cold empty space. Is empty space negatively different to the earth’s gravitation I would say it is?

Quanta Physics Theory refers to the facts of the twentieth century data banks about space travel and space technologies that include relativity. The facts that illustrate the commonwealth of Quanta Physics Theory though theoretical relies on the fact that future space economics’ and free enterprise rely of real facts – facts which include the idea that a spacecraft having the ability to travel at the speed of light will travel much faster in open empty space. Facts that precede the imagination and are based on facts, barriers and boundaries that are common knowledge in today’s world.

Another illusion in Einstein’s analogy is his misconceptions’ about time. His theories about time and time travel assert the quality of space travel with the idea that velocity allows the ability to manipulated time. He explains time as a four dimension. That a ship traveling through space at a specific velocity the speed of light can intermediately change the perception of time of a targeted planet. He uses earth in his examples. Why not Venus or Mars I can’t say why but I do know his ideas about space travel and time he explains are intermediately connected and are interchangeable. Is this true?

He explains that a ship is traveling through space at the velocity of light 186,000 miles a second. He also explains that the target earth is in motion relative to the ships velocity. That because the earth rotates at 18.5 miles a second relative to the ship he is driving at 186,000 miles a second that the sequence between the two mathematical figures show that the ship is traveling over a thousand time faster than the earth’s movement.

He then explains that the speed limit to acceleration and velocity is the velocity of light. That nothing can travel faster than that because LIGHT which is mass less and because it travels at its physical velocity which is the speed of light that any massive object cannot penetrate light speed. Here’s a short illustration about our solar system. Our solar system is intermediately connected with nine planets with the sun as the dominion star they all orbit around. They are all interconnected and in 2013, an earth satellite showed pictures passing by the end of the solar system that conveyed that all the nine planets seem to be interconnected together and create a disk plate that all the nine planets orbit the sun on.  So when I say that all the planets are interconnected that’s exactly what I’m saying.

So Einstein’s ship is traveling through space at light speed. The earth is rotating at 18.5 miles a second a difference of a thousand miles a second. In Einstein’s imaginable dream he indicates that the earth’s motion slows down to zero when his ship reaches light speed. He targets earth as his formula of indifference between his spacecraft and the earth’s rotational speed. His theory on space curvature intervene here when matter depresses itself on the fabric of space he interpretation is that the planet makes space twist and turn in its presence. In this character he implies that each planet, star or galaxy acts intermediately with in itself with space they create they’re spin twisters in the fabric. For this reason time can be manipulated by the velocity of a fast spacecraft.  The problem is – is what I have mentioned earlier about our solar systems disk plate where all the nine act together Einstein’s twister theory fails against this new technology.

Now his ship is traveling at the velocity of light it really retains no real connection with earth. But four dimensions maintain it does.  As the ship continues to travel at 186,000 miles second earths physic-time has stopped allowing time to proceed it. In his original theory in special relativity that these actions are not physically seeable that due to his ship’s velocity if the earth could be seen it may in reality be invisible but he asserts that earth’s rotation would seem to have stopped.

When we review the aspects about our universe we have to look at the whole idea. In doing this we have to look to everything that is involved in the question we are asking about the fourth dimension. When we do – we discover that in all prospectiveness even though the earth does rotate what causes its rotation in the first place. We discover secondary to Einstein’s spacecraft trying to slow down out own planet earth that the universe is making a turn of its own. That as a whole all the planets, stars and galaxy’s nebulas and clusters involved that they too are spinning. That as a whole it is the universe on its own that is causing this reaction universe wide. So we have to ask the question about the fourth dimension if it at all even exist whose doing the spinning space curvature or the universe as it spins. The answer is the universe – and if you read more of my books on physics you can learn the reasons.

Einstein’s ship is traveling 186,000 miles a second the earth in reality is rotating at 18.5 miles a second. The earth rolls around the sun in an elliptical curvature which takes 365 days in all that means it rolls around in each rotation one time 365 times that equals one earth year. We review the prospect about how many planets act together as a whole on our solar systems disk plate and discover again the number equals nine.  That’s a lot of drag a spacecraft would have to have to slow drag a planet backwards to travel backwards in time. Einstein’s ship would actually have to create a secondary rotational spin vortex to change the planets time frame and travel against the arrow of time. Under most circumstances I would have to say that would be impossible but maybe I’m wrong.

Einstein has developed a dimension of time that contradicts the pathway direction and conception of the universe as a whole. Are wormholes possible vaguely I am leaning towards the idea that there is a lot in today’s theoretical physics that aren’t possible based on the evidence at hand? I believe that there is to some degree that time travel may be possible but the concepts for are it may incredible.  Most scientist today rely on the gemology of Einstein’s work based on his equation E=Mc² but it is incredibly true that space travel through wormholes that interfere with penetrating the space grid that all planets, stars and galaxy’s lay at rest upon a spacecraft no matter what its velocity could not penetrate through it to reach a distance star or planet through a shortcut under the space grid. The grid holds in position enormous planets the brightest of radiated stars and the weight of galactic and nebula celestial grids. To form a wormhole to pass through this already rigid and depressed celestial grid floor planets and galaxy’s lay upon seems impossible when reviewed under these circumstances. Space travel may only manipulate space by what I refer to in my earlier book “Albert Einstein’s Universe” which explains “Instantaneous Velocity”.  It explains the foundation that the fastest a vessel can travel in space is measured by not only the default of a zero point gravity atmosphere but the ship’s potential propulsion force.

                                                                                                                Quanta Physics Logo                                              

“The Planets, Stars and Galaxies are atoms and the Universe is busting at its seams”

In the earliest days of the 16th century we the research of how and why objects celestial and abroad maintained a specific balance of activity which is now known as the theory of gravitation. We studied the broad celestial motion of gravity and the closer activity of gravity of our own planet’s surface activity of it. In 1904 Albert Einstein acknowledged a discovery about space which is now founded as the fabric of space by which at the celestial scale planets and stars along with the larger galaxies lay abroad on top of in a specific design he called flat space.

Since the universe spins as do all the other common celestial bodies of the universe science was lead to believe that the universe acted as a disk plate that rotated And orbited in the same fashion as the smaller celestial bodies that resided within it. The universe spins dragging along with it all the other debris in a designated cycle where inside the larger galaxies solar systems and star systems retain the same pattern impressing them deep in this dark fabric we know as space.

In 1776 English declared the fashion that the world was flat also and sent ship’s to discover whether or not one would fall off some far away edge of the world’s flat surface plain. He didn’t and the idea about our planet changed. The world is round the people claimed. When we view these same types of ideas about space we view space as being flatland in the same fashion as the English in the early times of the seventh century. Erwin Hubble discovered in the early twentieth century along with Einstein that it’s possible that the universe acts like a balloon and is expanding at its wits end and proclaimed that the universe was indeed expanding. Likewise our own view of our own planet looks at its surface edge towards an horizon flat but we do know now that it’s not.

Our universe may take on the same characteristics as this short story about the celestial plain and both are true. The earth is flat to the sight of the eye but is round in characteristic as the English believed centuries before. Studies in the field of science have leaded us to an era testing our ability to decipher whether or not a ship can travel faster than light. My own ideas on this are it can and my books are based on those facts that arise from that evidence. Indeed outer space is a flatland but reviewing the aspects as it show that that invisible harden yet real fabric the planets and galaxies lay and wobble on is too great to penetrate and believe a spacecraft can maneuver and drive a ship through wormhole to shortcut a distance to a nearby star.

With that in mind I view our universe amongst others that probably exist in the infinite space field in its vast coldness where atoms materialized from a deeply depressed invisible shape from the middle of a vast sphere orbital circular in forensic mass creates eruption of stressed compressive allusive liquid from inside it rips and pushes its way outside of it at its weakest fabric ends fusing at galactic intervals over time displaying a material spread of atomical clusteric, nebulic and galaxy matter from inside revealing the presence of a gigantic celestial type universe hidden amidst the dark shadows of space itself.

Gravity is a repulsive force at both the celestial planetary and galactic scale as well as the intermediate planetary surface scales abiding by the same rules of gravitation throughout the universe gaseous and alike. Alike or similar chemistry matter made of atoms at the celestial planetary scale repel because they are made of similar matter. It is this process that calculates the distance between all the celestial spheres galaxies, stars and planets and is measured relative to their size masses. The planetary gravity forces at planet surfaces makes the similar celestial energy from the planet itself push back outwards objects falling towards its surface natively called free falling masses and is calibrated by the planets repulsive energy mass the same resistance which creates the distances between the stars and planets at the celestial but pushes free falling objects and is called ‘free falling resistance’. It is the similarity in an objects chemistry mass and solidity that the resistance occurs as a gravity force and which at a planet’s atmosphere and pressure density that a planets dominion deciphers a specific free fall velocity as in Newton’ gravity measurements. An object falling towards a planet’s surface no matter what its size or mass will always fall towards the planet’s surface at the same velocity 9.8 meters per second as the dominion repulsive gravity energy is what acts as the dominion force that governs all objects entering it atmosphere falling from inside it or intruding it from outer space. Escape velocity or 11,000 miles an hour acts as a velocity to measure the atmosphere compression sealed inside the earth’s atmosphere between it and space and is depressed by the planets elliptical path which acts to seal the planets nature environment. Where gravity pushes against the incoming weight of the object free fall the planet’s atmosphere determines and calibrates the objects chemistry mass and weight as it slowly comes to rest on the planet’s surface.   

   The deity of the space fabric where planets lay curving and stretching in a constant toggle war amongst themselves this dark invisible fabric is neither torn, ripped or even broken through big the largest of celestial bodies that reside on it.  We can assume that this invisible table that gigantic celestial galaxies reside upon is not the actual space as we believe of it but more so is the foundation of it. Abiding by this assumption we can safely say that open (empty) space is a layered atmospheric upper existing plain where what we decipher as zero point gravity exist and thus is empty.

    As we have absorbed the force of gravity as a systematic résistance our planet chemistry retains and acts to slowing down intruding entities from outer space and or the action for object free fall using its capacity structure to control and protect itself thereby minimizing a surface objects speed within it we notice a special difference of a zero gravity interaction of material deities working in close range to our planet’s surface space. I say this because I want to put a great evidence foundation for the next few paragraphs.

     When we talk about the universe we easily assume our universe is a singularity of many universes’ that exist throughout infinite space. When Einstein said that the equation for gravity equaled infinity I think this is what he meant. To reach further into the mystery about our universe and magnitude of its existence we observed and through our planets history have created assumptions that form misled empowered branches on our theoretical tree. It seems to have become theatrical instead. Wormholes and short-cuts, drilling through a specifically understood fabric gigantic planets, stars and even galaxies reside. The possibility of racing against specific unit ticks on a clock to say calculate a certain rhythm of the universe and dominates as a dimension the sole nature of its being to be a clock. 

     When we look at what we call the observable universe we see aspects of a flatland celestial inhabited magic plain in which dimensions our infinite in nature. What we don’t see is our universe’s event horizon is just that an observation or observable seeable line that over views a gigantic celestial sphere.  Like earth in the sixteen hundreds the people believed the earth was flat and that if you maneuvered a ship through the ocean you would fall off its edge. When we look at our universe we observe the same observation. A celestial in natured fabric flatland believed to be infinite in nature.  But what don’t observe is the ideas that if the universe is a celestial sphere it exist in the same fashion as the planets and galaxies that exist on its surface. The universe is as infinite as the darkness that materializes an invisible edge this cosmic egg as historians’ display it is in a premature existence. As a sphere taking in all the characteristics as of history’s betray ling of it we travel upon an empty dark upper atmosphere of the largest celestial known. What lays inside this gigantic cosmic egg is well unknown to probably any nature of life in existence throughout this celestials boundaries.

     We acknowledge its fabric surface as the foundation galactic and planetary alike celestials exist on stretching and curving around on its surface as the celestial universe’s wobbles and twist these objects as it was set in motion by the vast weight of the matter in certain areas that cause an angular momentum. The millions and millions of galaxies, nebulas and cluster deities that exist on it has materialized a specific weight indifference that due to its vastness is unmeasureable by any real earthly means. The atoms in these galactic entities formed from leakages or releases of pressure in which our cosmic egg has clustered for us as planets, stars and galaxies that lay demented outside our cosmic eggs surface.

     The separation from the cosmic celestial nature inside our universe has changed into infinitely sizeable atomic materialistic matter and different in chemical but act as a basis for future universe chemistry.  The chemistry of what lays inside our Celestial Universe is willfully unknown and will possible never be addressed or venture through any type of magical wormhole adventure. The weight of the atomic nature of the cosmic egg’s leakages of pressurization to protect itself from some type of cosmic disaster or explosion leads us to the probability of and nature of the big bang theory. With a fabric surface scenario by which universe sphere’s push and pull in an angular motion subsides and detracts in an oval submission critically balances by multiple universe celestial existence forms an infinite display image of a magnificent and endless foundation of space and time.

     We review the mobility about time we observe a single unit of planck time units make astronomical distances of the universe’s rotation unimaginable. A single fraction could measure measurable in cosmicial units that exist beyond planck theory. 




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